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Why to use an Independent Financial Adviser

  • The independent financial adviser is a professional that helps his/her clients to achieve their investment goals. The most common objectives are: capital growth, the acquisition of a real property, paying for university studies for children or the accumulation of funds for retirement.

    The independent financial advisers' objective is to evaluate the client's risk tolerance and define an investment strategy together with their clients. The independent financial adviser is therefore in charge of choosing and presenting to the investor the best combination of options to obtain the optimal equation between yield and risk.

    The selection of widely diversified portfolios, it’s monitoring and tracking is a basic part of the independent financial adviser's task. Equally important is the assessment of risks. This entails the selection of the best solutions that cover risks that can affect their assets.

    The risk and impact that certain unforeseen events may have on the client's assets, such as a severe illness or an early death, must be considered in a holistic financial planning. Regulatory aspects of the different jurisdictions are also fundamental in determining asset protection, such as in the potential fiscal impact and in an efficient inter-generational transfer of assets. Proper holistic advice requires knowledge and experience together with specific support in these aspects.

    Independent financial advisers and wealth managers that form part of our network, count with the support of a team of experts and a sophisticated service platform that enables them to have more time to focus on their clients' needs and be able to design customized solutions.

    Having a professional independent financial adviser will allow clients to feel secure when taking serious decisions that can affect their future. The independent financial adviser has at his/her disposal our service platform that has been created by multi-disciplinary teams of experts in Asset Management and in Risk Management, giving them the necessary tools so that they can advise their clients the best way possible in order to offer the right solution for the administration of their assets.