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Succession Planning

  • The fact of having a plan that can address the intergenerational transmission of the assets, will allow the independent financial advisers' clients, to have peace of mind, knowing that in the future tiresome legal disputes and costly legal proceedings will not occur.

    In many jurisdictions there are regulations that can have a negative impact on the capital when transferring assets tothe next generation.   Appropriate advice can help access effective instruments that enable costs savings, ensuring proper distribution of assets among descendants and preventing future conflicts.

    The independent financial advisers that are part of our network know all the alternatives solutions available and are backed by Aiva's team of professionals who are specialised both in international and local jurisdictions.

    Managing assets is as important as providing for the way in which they will be transferred to the next generations. Bearing in mind that the future of a family depends on the planning of the present, is reason enough to give this special consideration.