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Six steps towards financial security

  • Necessity

    Just as it is vital to come to the surface for air, it is essential to have a target to achieve your financial goals.

    Increased life expectancy and active lifestyles mean you can no longer rely on traditional state pensions; you need to develop your own savings pot. Because traditional pension systems have failed, individuals must now find their own savings solutions.

    In order to achieve your future personal goals, you should first reflect upon your current situation. Skandia International provides tailored products to help you fulfil these goals.

    • Provide for your children’s education - adequate financial planning will help you cover the high associated costs.
    • Save for retirement - every year you save will considerably increase your retirement fund, allowing you to live your life with greater flexibility.
    • Capital growth - knowing your risk profile as an investor will help you design the most suitable investment strategy to reach your goals.

    You can access our sophisticated financial tools that will help you analyse where you are today and where you wish to be in the future, according to your particular needs.


    We are used to planning and making decisions in every area of our lives, even in our leisure activities. For example, golfers who lower their handicap, may ask:

    • How can I reach the green with the lowest number of shots?
    • What is the most suitable club for each shot?

    Just as in golf, in order to invest appropriately you must plan carefully and make the right decisions:

    • What kind of asset should I choose?
    • HowmanyyearssavingdoIneedtoreachmyfinancial goals?
    • What amount of capital do I need to invest today to reach my financial goals?
    • What are the risks I need to consider to be certain that I will reach my goals?

    Your financial adviser will help you design a tailored plan to suit your investment profile using the latest financial tools exclusively designed for this purpose.


    In order to reach your financial goals, you need the best team’s support. Old Mutual plc was originated in South Africa in 1845 and it has headquarters in London. As a FTSE® 100 company, Old Mutual is one of the 100 largest companies registered in the London Stock Exchange. It manages more than US$ 446 billion* (£284.2) in client funds worldwide.

    Skandia International is the international and offshore financial solutions product provider for Old Mutual Group. As a leading company dealing with savings products, Skandia International offers a wide range of holistic and innovative solutions to investors around the world. By investing with Skandia International you are choosing a solid company, with a great passion for innovation that will allow you to have control over your financial decisions. Above all, our objective is to provide tailored products which help you reach your wealth management goals, no matter what they are.


    Being able to get ahead and secure a financial advantage depends on making the right decisions. Traditionally, people making long-term investments have achieved their highest yields through equity allocations. Although we can ́t predict the future based on past events, growth-focused portfolios tend to be made-up of equities, which carry risk as their value can fall as well as rise.

    However, it is possible to spread the risk by avoiding individual equities and investing in funds that invest in several countries and sectors instead. Usually these funds allow investors to extend their portfolios to other type of investments, incorporating corporate bonds, cash or property, thus creating portfolios with better yield potential.


    Success is achieved by bringing on the right player at the right time.

    Each fund manager has different skills, resources and styles that mean their services are more suitable for different sectors and time periods.

    20 years ago, Skandia International was a pioneer in MultiManager investments, offering investors a wide variety of sectors and asset classes. Skandia International continues to be the leading and most renown company within the MultiManager investment market.

    The managed and sector solutions are created on our behalf and managed by Skandia Investment Group, our investment management organisation.


    Skandia International does not sell or promote its products directly to customers. Instead we deal only through independent financial advisers as we believe taking professional advice gives you the best chance of achieving your goals.

    Aiva Business Platforms is one of the Regional Service Centre distributors of Skandia International products. Aiva has more than 130 employees who provide services to more than 42,000 clients. It has more than 17 years of experience and has been certified by the ISO/IEC 27001 of the British Standard Institute.

    The main goal of Aiva Business Platforms is to provide financial solutions to any aspect related to wealth management, with the necessary information, the knowhow of great teams of specialists and the most efficient solutions to every need.

    The most sophisticated IT network and state of the art platform help provide transparency and confidentiality. Aiva has developed, with the support of expert advisers, Aiva Proximity: an online financial service multiplatform. Proximity allows users to be connected no matter where they are and at any time, in all areas of wealth management, providing real-time tailored solutions.