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About Us

  • ECOPROSA ADVISROS S.A. stands for Economical Consultants in Protection and Savings.

    Founded in 1997 as an Independent International Wealth Management company, representing different companies from Europe and the United States, aiming to provide financial solutions for any patrimonial management issues or necessities.

    Our statement and mission is to provide a specialized service to all the necessary areas, with the assitance of a wealth management platform  that is unique .
    Since 1997 Ecoprosa has worked and built a strong and solid partnership with the world’s most elite and prestigious investment and insurance companies, accumulating vast experience and a select and private clientele protecting assets and insuring simultaneously, along with the assistance to find the need to build a strong capital to support financial independence for the long and mid term, both for companies and individuals.

    The service provided has been consistent over the years based on a multidisciplinary philosophy to support goals.

    A strong commitment to the companies, producers, clients and associates, with high ethical values are the core of our business, with that commitment and responsibility  we help you to achieve and carry on priorities and goals for years fulfilling financial decisions of any size.