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International Healthcare Solutions

  • International healthcare although almost all the advisers' clients currently have some type of healthcare cover, within their wealth management planning they need to make sure that it is broad enough in order to protect the client's assets.

    “Few people realize the fact that medicine has progressed more since the Second World War than throughout previous history‚Ķ”. Although today the latest medical technology can be accessed around the world as it is no longer concentrated in a few countries the cutting edge treatment is still concentrated in specific centres located around the globe.

    To have access to these technologies depends directly on the financial position one has or healthcare cover plan.  No one will turn down the possibility of having access to this technology.

    When faced with a personal medical issue one will do whatever is necessary to gain access to such cover regardless of the amount of money needed or assets that have to be sold, as it becomes a priority issue.

    A study conducted by Harvard Medical School and Harvard Law School in 2007 found that 62.1% of personal bankruptcy cases in the US are caused by medical bills and expenses related to unexpected illnesses or accidents. 

    Because of this, clients need to protect their assets form a predicted risk: the knowledge that if one member of their family suffers an illness or accident they will need a coverage that allows them access to the best hospital, specialist or treatment available.