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Seven recommendations to meet your patrimonial goals

Our strategic focus is the development of innovative Wealth Management solutions that favour quality of life. To this, we add our proven experience and a deep knowledge of the international context, to design products and services that are appropriate for each market’s needs. We invite you to learn about the seven steps model towards your own integral financial plan...


Why to use a financial advisor

The independent financial adviser is a professional that helps his/her clients to achieve their investment goals. The most common objectives are: capital growth, the acquisition of a real property, paying for university studies for children or the accumulation of funds for retirement.


Six steps towards financial sucess

Just as it is vital to come to the surface for air, it is essential to have a target to achieve your financial goals. Increased life expectancy and active lifestyles mean you can no longer rely on traditional state pensions; you need to develop your own savings pot. Because traditional pension systems have failed, individuals must now find their own savings solutions.


Our Services

  • 01

    Retirement and Education Planning

    Founded in 1997 as an Independent International Wealth Management company, representing different companies from Europe and the United States, aiming to provide financial solutions for any patrimonial management issues or necessities....

  • 02

    Succession Planning

    The fact of having a plan that can address the intergenerational transmission of the assets, will allow the independent financial advisers' clients, to have peace of mind, knowing that in the future tiresome legal disputes and costly legal proceedings will not occur...

  • 03

    Tax Planning

    The invulnerability of assets depends ever more on the means and the jurisdiction selected for their management; recognising the eventual risks which might have to be faced and, therefore...

  • 04

    Private Life Insurance Solutions

    These are structures for the protection of assets, tax and succession planning through the issuance of life insurance policies...


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